It was easy for me to pinpoint the moment I knew I needed, and wanted, Ginger to be involved in my birth process from pregnancy to postpartum.  It was the second I was lead in to a small, sterile, dark room to watch a video, alone, on a small stool at a traditional OB/GYN. On what should have been one of the most special days of our lives, instead it felt clinical.  This was the day we went to our first appointment after the positive in-office pregnancy test.  

I didn’t even make it to the car before breaking down in tears and reaching out to Ginger.  I knew I wanted more from my care provider throughout my pregnancy. The holistic and all-encompassing approach Ginger takes in her life and her practice is second to none.  Ginger shared several options to look into that would provide more of the holistic type of care we wanted throughout our pregnancy and during delivery as well as the birth classes she provided.  

We met with Ginger for several sessions in the months leading up to delivery.  During that time she not only shared information with me about the stage of pregnancy and techniques to help mentally and physically prepare for the natural, drug-free, child birth we desired, but also with my husband. This was our first pregnancy and we both wanted to have all the tools we could to have a completely natural childbirth.  She suggested laboring positions for different stages and types of labor.  She also shared what to expect postpartum and with breastfeeding.  She shared a variety of answers to the many questions I seemed to have every visit.  

We felt so confident going into the birth knowing that Ginger had prepared us with all the tools necessary.  We are so genuinely grateful for the sessions we had with Ginger before, during and after the birth of our daughter, and son.  Oh and the ujyaii/victorious breath, I will forever be grateful for that breath Ginger helped me master… One doesn’t know the depth of a breath until you’re mid contraction! 

Thank you Ginger, for helping us navigate this terrifying and thrilling experience and for truly listening to and understanding our questions, thoughts and concerns about becoming parents.

Brittany W. Shipp, Swansboro, NC

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