Professional Development Meets Self-Care

The Online Coaching Program for Clinicians Who Value Integrative, Lifestyle, and Functional Medicine

Catalyst offers Career Coaching for PT’s and OT’s in yoga and lifestyle medicine that helps you end burnout and create a sustainable career. Catalyst provides a multi-tiered framework for working smarter, NOT harder.

Our specialized online coaching program is for physical and occupational therapists who want to integrate Yoga (Integrative Medicine), Lifestyle, and Functional Medicine into their existing clinical practice. Or, perhaps you are already doing it but need more guidance and support. We’ll help you build your toolbox.



Living Well’s mission is to transform healthcare through educating individuals and supporting PT’s, OT’s and similar clinicians in using Yoga as Integrative, Lifestyle Medicine for self-care and patient care.

Catalyst is here to help you achieve the career you want AND the work-life balance you deserve.

Consider these questions:

  • Are you, or have you, experienced burn-out or compassion fatigue in the PT or OT clinical setting?
  • Do you need to up your self-care game and build the skills and confidence to assist your clients and patients with this too?
  • Do you want a coaching program that focuses on work-life balance and applies evidence-based lifestyle medicine and yoga practices to affect multi-morbidity and quality of life?

If you answered yes to these statements, then Catalyst is for YOU.

Why Choose Catalyst as Your Coaching Program?

We know how it feels when your tank is empty, but your patients and clients STILL need you to GIVE. With this program, you will master the skill of setting boundaries for your own well-being, so when you give to your patients it’s from a place of grounded self-love. This program will have you walking the talk, and your shine will speak volumes to your patients about taking the time to care for themselves as well.

Enough is Enough, Let’s Tackle PT and OT Burn-Out and Stagnation

Being in PT, OT and similar professions can really take its toll. Benefit from seasoned peers and coaches who have years of experience managing the stressors inherent in professional healthcare settings.

Our coaches are just like you – clinicians with a passion for helping people and transforming healthcare through employing integrative, holistic, and patient-centered care.

Many coaching programs are run by folks who aren’t Licensed Healthcare Professionals, and do not have the expertise to help you implement evidence-based care into your clinical practice, and personal life. If you’re looking for coaches who truly understand where you’re at, we’ve got you!

Make Self-Care and Work-Life Balance A Consistent Priority

This is perhaps the hardest part of being a healthcare provider. Our programs will provide the framework you need to optimize your health and well-being as well as your client’s and patient’s too.

Our programs differ from many coaching programs that make a lot of incorrect assumptions about your personality and goals, like assuming everyone wants to make 6 or 7 figures and hustle 50+ hours per week.

If this sounds like you:

  • Desire to scale your practice and career without endless hours of “hustle”
  • Wish you had a like-minded community of healthcare providers that will have your back
  • Need mentorship without having to invest a ton of time and money
  • Ready to take the “next step” help your career
  • Want to uplevel your ability to manage your time
  • Direct your career energy wisely
  • Develop or better support work-life balance that allows you to pay the bills and support your family without burning out

Then Catalyst is the perfect fit!

An Economical Option To Fuel a Sustainable PT or OT Career

Yoga Props

In this post-COVID world, we are faced with many new challenges in healthcare. Our care must be fully trauma informed and COVID sensitive…which also means we need to uplevel our self-care practices. Are you finding your job more challenging in this new world we live in? Are you finding it to be an increasing struggle to take care of yourself AND your patients? You ARE NOT ALONE!

If you were to hire our coaches 1-on-1, it would cost thousands of dollars. Our group coaching provides an economical solution.

And for this first year of launch both Catalyst and Synergy are offered at 50% off, with an option to pay in monthly installments, or save even more by paying for a year at a time. It truly is a bargain, because we believe so much in helping build a community that can transform healthcare.

Build Your Professional Community


One of the biggest problems we face as therapists and creative entrepreneurs is the absence of a “tribe.” The ability to bounce ideas and issues off of colleagues who are like-minded and trying their best to “walk the talk.”

Our programs solve that problem for you. Let’s tackle these shared barriers and carve out a more sustainable career path. 

Endless opportunity awaits when you connect with like-minded professionals. Our network of clinicians which spans the US, Canada, and beyond, have collaborated on retreats, workshops, and referral sources- to name a few. By joining this community you will have access to thought leaders across the globe, looking to make a difference and support you in the process.

Book & Journal Club

Book & Journal Club
2016 Paperback (352 pages, Highly Illustrated) – 25£ / $40. Handspring Publishing. ISBN 978-1-909141-13-1
  • Spend time with the author, Dr. Ginger Garner, and graduates from her program
  • Get the Action Potential Newsletter
  • Get Supporting Online Lessons
  • Get Monthly Coaching Calls & Evidence-Based Discussions

We will help you stay current on the topics that matter the most to you. Each week we will supply you with bite-sized Lifestyle Medicine and Medical Therapeutic Yoga concepts. During our group calls, you will have the opportunity to discuss clinical application of these as well as support in applying these principles to your own life.

Structure, Support & Accountability

Avoiding Burnout

Get on the time management train. Catalyst provides a multi-tiered framework for working smarter, NOT harder. Not only will you benefit from these tried and true methods, but you will also reap the benefits of going through this program with folks with similar goals.

Folks often find that community improves accountability, and having the support and structure provided by our program provides the trifecta for transformation.

Functional Nutrition for Women's Health Program
Lifestyle Medicine Includes nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep hygiene and environmental health.

Build your Confidence in Health & Wellness Coaching

Most PT and OT programs do not offer training in lifestyle factors or integrative therapies that influence our clinical outcomes, even though these fall under our scope of practice.

The ILM/MTY curriculum is GIANT. There is SO much to learn, apply, and assimilate. Let us help you apply ILM and MTY concepts personally AND professionally.

Haven’t been through the program? Don’t worry.

If you haven’t been through the ILM or MTY program yet, you’ll benefit from getting a bird’s eye view of how Medical Therapeutic Yoga and its comprehensive Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine care model can work in your self-care and patient/client care. 

If you have been through our programs you will benefit from ongoing support and leadership opportunities within the Living Well Institute.

What’s Included in Career Catalyst?

This program is specifically designed for health and wellness professionals who desire growth in applying Lifestyle Medicine and Yoga in practice concepts PLUS accountability and community. This option includes:

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls

    These calls are facilitated by Living Well Institute (LWI) Faculty to support you in assimilating Integrative Lifestyle Medicine (ILM) and Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) concepts into your professional and personal practice (All calls will be recorded so you can watch them later if you cannot attend).
    • Master your ability to speak with referral sources and colleagues regarding your specialty practice in, and the benefits of, ILM & MTY
    • Journal Club to discuss content pillars of ILM & MTY
    • Feel confident in discussing ILM & MTY concepts in clinical practice
  • Online Modules
    • Submit questions/concerns/requests 
    • Stay accountable to your personal and professional goals with our supportive staff and your peers
  • Join the Private Community with fellow LWI colleagues and like-minded practitioners
    • Meet practitioners with a variety of specialties
    • Increase your network across the globe


Multiple billing options – annual or monthly. We work with your budget!

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