I am a singer/songwriter and teacher, so my voice is of special significance in my life.  When I began to have severe throat and neck pain while speaking and singing, Ginger was recommended to me by a friend who had just attended one of Ginger’s vocal workshops.  At that time and for the next two years, Ginger’s practice was five minutes from my home.  As I met with her during these two years, she would listen attentively to my needs and concerns and respond with many helps.  Ginger prescribed therapeutic exercises for me to practice on my own and made certain that I knew how to do them correctly by giving a written explanation as well as providing videos for reinforcement.  In addition, Ginger referred me to other practitioners for systemic health concerns that I shared with her.  Ginger couples compassion and gentleness with diligent expertise in her treatment of patients.  Even though Ginger has recently relocated, I still enjoy the benefits of her treatment as I begin every morning with the exercises she taught me.  I am grateful for God’s provision of Ginger’s gifting to guide me through a season of pain into rest.  Thank you, Ginger!

Carla Weist, Singer/Songwriter, Emerald Isle, NC

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