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The Online Coaching Program for Physical or Occupational Therapist Entrepreneurs

Generate & Diversify Income Streams Using Integrative, Lifestyle, and Functional Medicine

Are you passionate about Medical Therapeutic Yoga and Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and desire to create a sustainable business while optimizing your patient outcomes?

Are you interested in developing passive income streams by developing content for your patients or other healthcare providers at Living Well Institute?

Do you need more clarity around how to develop and run or grow your own business implementing Functional Integrative Lifestyle Medicine (FILM) and Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY)?

If we step back and take a look snapshot at healthcare right now, there are some alarming trends:

  • Reimbursement rates are dropping
  • Insurance companies are approving less visits 
  • Expectations for better therapy outcomes are rising
  • Clinic owners expect higher patient volume to make up the difference

When we look at these things…it’s easy to see how healthcare professionals are burned out or leaving the field entirely!

If you are like all the healthcare professionals that have already joined Synergy, you know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can both serve your community and establish a sustainable career.

You can include FILM and MTY in a profitable and affordable way.

What do you get when you sign up to Join our Synergy Program?

  • Automatic Enrollment in our Catalyst Program and everything it has to offer! ($1198 value)
  • Full Access to the ENTIRE MTY “Day of the Week” Series ($835 value)
  • Weekly Check-ins from your Master Coach ($720 value)
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls hosted by Ginger Garner, a Master Coach, or an expert based on the topic of the month. ($2400 value)
  • Weekly Action Potential Newsletter ($1560 value)
  • Journal articles and their summaries delivered on a monthly basis ($1400 value)
  • Online Modules and Continually Expanding Resource Archive ($2000)

All of these combine to almost $9,000!  

The Synergy Program is only $1598.00 for 1 year…equal to $7500 in savings!

What Makes Synergy Coaching Program Unique?

  • Designed by healthcare pro for healthcare pros, JUST LIKE YOU!
  • Affordable program with high value and return on investment!
  • Learn to communicate your value and earn what you deserve. 
  • Understand how to start and maintain a sustainable business WITHOUT losing yourself or your health in the process.
  • Smack down the idea that you have to “hustle” or work 80 hours a week to get ahead.
  • Build community instead of competition (there’s enough sick and injured folks to keep us all busy till the end of time)
  • Learn how to build a business with OR without social media.

Avoiding Burnout | Dr. Ginger Garner

Here’s the Bottom Line:

Coaching programs that boast of earning 7 figures are usually pushing an unsustainable model of elitism cash-based therapy that only reaches the wealthy. We think that is perpetuating the problems inherent in the existing broken “sick”care healthcare industry. We want to teach you how to actually help people instead of overcharging for glorified personal training. AND, create a practice that doesn’t just cater to the wealthy.  We aren’t teaching people how to “glorify the hustle” to get to 7 figures.  We are teaching people a sustainable way to run a business without killing themselves. 

This is an amazing community of healthcare professionals who are doing the work to transform healthcare.  Join us.

Are you interested in learning more about our Synergy Program?

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Physical and Occupational Therapist Entrepreneurs


Multiple billing options – annual or monthly. We work with your budget!

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