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The Online Coaching Program for Physical or Occupational Therapist Entrepreneurs

Generate & Diversify Income Streams Using Integrative, Lifestyle, and Functional Medicine

The Synergy Program prepares students or alumni to diversify their income streams, expand programming, and/or launch their business or practice in Integrative/Lifestyle/Functional Medicine and Medical Therapeutic Yoga. It also offers the opportunity to become a Master Coach &/or Instructor at LWI.

This specialized program is the next step up from Catalyst, because it speaks directly to those people with entrepreneur mindsets – those in business, wanting to launch their own business, or those wanting to expand revenue streams by becoming a Master Coach or Instructor.

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Living Well Institute believes in the power of community to propel each individual’s reach and potential in the world. This program is for clinicians ready to carve out their career niche and take the next step.

  • Are you a graduate of the LWI and motivated to uplevel your career (and self-care)?
  • Do you want to teach or become a Master Coach for LWI?
  • Do you want to build your confidence and voice in teaching MTY and ILM?
  • Do you want to breathe new life in your career?
  • Do you want to simply take a different path in your career that involves focusing in ILM and MTY?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this premium program is for you.

What Makes Synergy Coaching Program Unique?

Step Into Leadership with Guidance from Experts

Let’s get it together and push past the typical roadblocks that block entrepreneurs and “solopreneurs” path to sustainable success. It’s time to take your work to the next level.

In this COVID world we are living in, revenue diversification is KEY. We have to look past traditional models of care toward a future that embraces the digital world.

Synergy can help you do that.

Plus, it will help you shift away from the endless “whack a mole” drone of the current healthcare model. We will equip you to sell your skillset virtually, without a brick and mortar practice, AND to become a leader in the field as a Master Coach, Instructor, or Faculty member for LWI. 

Increase Revenue Potential


Learn how to scale your business to work smarter, not harder. This program offers not only expanded career horizons but direct opportunities to work for LWI.

Don’t have business ideas around Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine or its Medical Therapeutic Yoga model? No problem, you’ll be inspired by the income potential for you in this program. 

Cost Effective Business Coaching


Synergy is by far the MOST COST EFFECTIVE way to get business coaching and counseling. Our coaching program doesn’t make assumptions about what kind of business you want to create. We help you create the business model that will work for you and your work-life balance needs.  

If you had to hire our coaches 1-on-1, you could expect to pay a minimum of $5K or more. Our program is far less costly than that.

No More Burn OutUplevel your Time Management for Professional & Personal Growth

Avoiding Burnout

If variety is the spice of life then diversifying your income streams is not only smart business, it’s smart self-care.

We will hold you accountable to the goals and personal strategies you set in this program so you can grow your network of support AND resilience strategies. 

Bottomless Self-Care Toolbox

You get full access to the ENTIRE MTY “Day of the Week” Series & the Premium MTY Library.

Your Self-Care “Stay Fit” Kit includes:

  • Premium MTY Video Library ($140)
  • MTY Soulful Sunday + COVID Practices ($215)
  • MTY Motivation Monday ($215)
  • MTY Trifecta Tuesday ($99)
  • MTY Joint Wealth Wednesdays ($99)
  • MTY Three Thursdays ($99)
  • MTY Friday ($99) & Saturday ($99) Series will be released in the coming months
  • This is a $1065 value alone.

You will also have regular MTY Classes offered as part of the training program, which will hone your skills and expand the tools you have in using MTY and ILM for patient care and self-care. 

Accountability & Guidance – Let Us Do the Legwork of Literature Reviews so you can focus on Best Fit Care

Avoiding Burnout | Dr. Ginger Garner

We use a biopsychosocial model in patient care – but do we REALLY apply it in our own lives?

Synergy will teach you how to make good on your promise to take care of yourself.

You cannot take care of others if you don’t put your own oxygen mask on first.

Recognize Your Full Potential, Reach More People, & Have Fun Doing It

Avoiding Burnout - Dr. Ginger Garner

Honing your skills to apply MTY and ILM concepts will allow you to take the next step to become a Master Coach, Instructor, or Faculty member at LWI.

This means you will GROW personally, professionally – and you will finally be able to share your specialty with the world, breaking outside the box of the “old school” therapy model. 

Let’s grow together!

What’s Included in Synergy?

This premium program is intended to help you develop the voice and confidence  to take your skillset & growth mindset to the next level.

This membership includes:

Synergy Benefits:

  • Monthly business coaching calls with experts in the field, which will tackle:
    • Scaling Your Practice for Growth
    • Master Coaching Skill Development
    • Instructor Incubator Training
    • Digital Media Marketing
    • SEO, and more!
  • Opportunity for Building Revenue Streams and Increasing Traffic to your Clinic
    • Six months of participation in this program and coordinator approval will prepare you to become an LWI Instructor, Faculty, &/or Master Coach
    • LWI Instructors can offer their MTY and ILM classes on the LWI portal
    • LWI Faculty can offer their MTY and ILM courses to other healthcare providers through the LWI CEU portal
    • LWI Master Coaches can become mentors and conversation leaders to students coming through the ILM or MTY programs.
  • Increased Online Visibility
    • This comes through our Instructor Incubator & Master Coaching program
    • You also have the opportunity to be featured in our digital communications via our email list, blog, interviews, and more.
  • Entire Self-Care and Stay-Fit Kit including entire MTY Days of the week practice series: ($1065 value)
Physical and Occupational Therapist Entrepreneurs

PLUS Catalyst Benefits

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls facilitated by Living Well Institute (LWI) Faculty to support you in assimilating Integrative Lifestyle Medicine (ILM) and Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) concepts into your professional and personal practice (All calls will be recorded so you can watch them later if you cannot attend).
    • Master your ability to speak with referral sources and colleagues regarding your specialty practice in, and the benefits of, ILM & MTY
    • Journal Club to discuss content pillars of ILM & MTY
    • Feel confident in discussing ILM & MTY concepts in clinical practice
  • Online Modules
    • Submit questions/concerns/requests 
    • Stay accountable to your personal and professional goals with our supportive staff and your peers
  • Join the Private Community with fellow LWI colleagues and like-minded practitioners
    • Meet practitioners with a variety of specialties
    • Increase your network across the globe
Career Catalyst - Build a sustainable career in Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine


Multiple billing options – annual or monthly. We work with your budget!

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