Due to COVID-19 we are postponing our spring courses. Level I at UVA is now August 7-9. If you would like to be notified when the new date for MTY in Mississippi is determined, please email us. To join Ginger for the 6 week virtual Medical Therapeutic Yoga class or book a telehealth appointment, click here. Thank you for your patience as we launch our refreshed site and innovative programs! Have questions? Click here Stay safe and well!

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Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine III – Level III Certification (All-Inclusive Residential Retreat) – Boone, NC

October 2 - October 7

Tuition + Lodging/Meals
Level III

Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine III concludes the program by awarding Level III Certification. Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine III provides the remaining tools in the Lifestyle Medicine toolbox in order to use Functional & Integrative Medicine principles to fully address holistic care, all through the lens of Yoga.

The toolbox includes Ayurvedic philosophy and application, sound, music, and the voice in therapeutic application, Orofacial Assessment & Intervention (this lab teaches both external and internal evaluative techniques), Sacroiliac Joint Assessment and Intervention, and an in depth study of safe use of Inversions and Semi-Inversions in clinical application. These include nonaxial loading headstand, noncervical loading shoulderstand, and all semi-inversions outlined in Medical Therapeutic Yoga.

Through multiple interactive labs and case studies, the clinicians will come way with an evidence-based systematic method for teaching safe inversions, as well as a more complete understanding of how ancient yoga philosophy is relevant in today’s medical model.

Clinicians will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate understanding of how to affect population health through behavioral science, psychology, and the intersection between psychotherapy and rehabilitation. This module will prepare the clinician to being using Lifestyle Medicine in her/his practice, including how to impact stress management, pain, environmental and vocational health, sleep, nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and psycho-emotional-spiritual wellbeing. Functional and Integrative Medicine play integral roles in impacting public health and health promotion in practice, and this module will equip the clinician to affect social determinants of health as well as be more effective in patient care and program management. Finally, the Ayurvedic component will teach the clinician how to incorporate use of the doshic, gunas, and attribute analyses into the broader conceptual model in order to complete the entire holistic evaluation and management paradigm.

A word about our Retreats:

The final Level III Certification is retreat style because we believe in the power of community to help you learn, heal, and birth creativity. In 2020 we are proud to be partnering with the Art of Living Retreat Center (AOLR) in Boone, NC.

You’ll be able to rest and renew while learning at a relaxed pace in the peak time of the year for the NC mountains, autumn. Each day will allow plenty of learning and rest time, so bring your hobbies with you and prepare for a wonderful week in the mountains! You have a choice of rooms, from hotel to retreat style, so please register EARLY!



The Art of Living Retreat Center
639 Whispering Hills Rd
Boone, NC 28607 United States
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