Feeling Better Means Avoiding Meat’s Dark Side: Infection & Immune-System Bugs

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Entry to the horse pastures and organic fields at a local farm and CSA we support near our home in  Emerald Isle, NC (taken by my oldest son, aged 6 at the time, who wanted to photographically document the farm visit)

Feeling Better Means Avoiding Meat’s Dark Side: Infection & Immune-System Bugs  

This week’s post highlights two informative posts by Rodale Press and Zen Habits. Both are independent websites with blogs – one is research-oriented and the other is lifestyle-oriented, but both bring very important information to your dinner table.

EXCERPT:  Here’s a shocker: Your shopping habits could be destroying modern medicine. Certainly, that’s not your intention, but every time we drop a standard meat product into our shopping carts, we’re supporting the dark side of the food industry, one that uses millions of pounds of antibiotics to raise livestock. In a groundbreaking new study, U.S. researchers detected staph bacteria, including MRSA, in the noses of industrial farm workers, suggesting antibiotics in farming are a major driver of hard-to-kill, sometimes deadly bacteria. Read the full post

EXCERPT:  Eat plants. Those two words are the best things I’ve learned about diet, and if you stick to that, you’re likely be pretty healthy.
That said, eating a vegan diet (no animal products) doesn’t necessarily equate to a healthy diet, despite what many believe.
Yes, vegans on average are healthier and leaner than the average person. But that’s an average — there are unhealthy vegans.
How is that possible? You can eat lots of sweets, fried foods, processed foods, foods with white flour (breads, cakes, cookies, pasta), and beer, and still be a vegan. And not super healthy.
Since going vegan, I’ve slowly transitioned my diet from the convenient vegan foods (prepared plant “meats”, pizzas, beer, delicious vegan sweets), to something much healthier.
I’d like to share that with you today. Read the full post

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