Integrative Solutions for Healthcare Burnout

Healthcare pros are experiencing record levels of burnout right now, and that was before the pandemic. Our current model teaches us to care for our patients, but not necessarily ourselves. Over the last 20+ years I have been teaching integrative solutions for healthcare burnout, and better patient care. Let me share the short story…

My Healthcare Burnout Story

When I first started out over 20 years ago, it didn’t take long for me to burn out. I was burning the candle at both ends, and yet what I was doing with patients still wasn’t enough.

I desperately wanted a practice model that could comprehensively help patients and help me tackle burnout.

For years, I did everything I was taught, and yet I was still burned out and thinking of giving up on the career I had put so much money and effort into – and I still had student loan debt!

Hi! My name is Ginger.

Dr. Ginger Garner
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Dr. Ginger Garner PT, DPT, ATC/L

When I opened that first integrative practice decades ago, there was no social media, no email lists, no such thing as tweets or likes.

What’s more was there was also no one who could mentor me on how to open an integrative physical therapy practice.

Plus, there was no way to easily get the word out. Still, I opened my practice, which would become one of the first Physical Therapy/Yoga/Pilates Studio practices in the country. Trailblazing was a lonely place to be.

So I mustered all the courage I had and took a big risk. I went out and created a community of like-minded professionals who also wanted to practice integratively, and Professional Yoga Therapy Institute® was born.

There have been a lot of small and epic failures along the way since 2001, which is why I’m deeply happy to see this community come together and thrive. 

And remember, I was no guru (thank goodness!) plus I had the disadvantage of being a woman in a male-dominated industry.

However, slowly and steadily, I built a tribe – a community that came to me for guidance, to learn how to integrative yoga as lifestyle medicine, as integrative medicine, into their physical and occupational therapy (and related healthcare) practices. And the Institute grew.

I started teaching specific strategies to healthcare providers across the globe, and it worked not only for their patients, but for their own self-care .

I was thrilled, especially since so many of them had been SCARED of making the integrative leap for years!

In 2008 I went online and since then have built 2 successful businesses, Living Well Institute and Garner Pelvic Health. PYTI® became Living Well Institute, and I’ve expanded programming that has now reached folks on 6 continents.

A Sustainable Model for Rehab Professions

Since that shift 20 years ago, I’ve never been happier. I’ve continued to take countless training to expand my own knowledge base in integrative patient care and private practice growth.

Medical Therapeutic Yoga
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Some of it worked really well. My textbook, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, in its 2nd print, is published in Italian and English and slated for 3 more foreign translations. And therapists and doctors around the world now use the Medical Therapeutic Yoga Method. And it only took about 15 years to make that happen.

My second book, Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine in Physical Therapy was published in October 2022 and has been well received.

Because our mission at Living Well Institute is to transform healthcare care through self-care. We help you take care of your patients while we take care of YOU. 

I’d love to share this comprehensive biopsychosocial, integrative system of care with you. I’ll share how our therapists are thriving and have turned their lives around while delivering amazing results for their patients and clients…

…without any hidden gimmicks or annoying marketing.

It’s all in this Free Masterclass

This online workshop is FREE to attend and is for physical and occupational therapists and related healthcare professionals who are serious about delivering superior, integrated patient care with a successful, sustainable business model that can help avoid or tackle burnout.

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