The Science of Green Parenting

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Every Day is Earth Day
My youngest son helping me plant our organic garden

The Science of Green Parenting

Green parenting can go a long way toward improving the health of America’s mothers, families, children, and of the entire planet.  I encourage all parents to reduce, reuse, and recycle (The 3-R’s) when they can.

Simple strategies include ridding the home of unnecessary chemicals like cleaners, pesticides in the yard and garden like weed killers and fertilizers, adopting a “No Shoes” policy in your house, avoiding use of all plastics, and using cloth napkins and cloth diapering (and wipes) systems whenever possible.  Lastly, we make a point to grow our own organic food (we have limited space but make great use of a small raised box and container gardening) when we can and when we can’t – we shop local, organic, and stick to a mostly plant based diet. My own family has adopted all of these 3-R policies, and we are healthier and happier for it. 

Do you have helpful tips to add? Have I left anything out? Please leave a comment, I love to get feedback!

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