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That’s fantastic! You are not having a hard time with your work-life balance, that’s a rare win. Based on your responses we think you are ready for a deeper dive into self-care in healthcare, and we have just the resources for you!

FREE ONLINE MASTERCLASS: Introduction to Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Lifestyle, & Functional Medicine Certification

Learn 5 STEPS that will help DYNAMICALLY TRANFORM clinical practice and get better results with PATIENT-CARE and SELF-CARE!

Career Catalyst Webinar
NEW Hip Differential Diagnosis & Integrative Management (12 CE)

Hip Differential Diagnosis & Integrative Management

Learn comprehensive examination and intervention for the hip and pelvic girdle that takes a whole-person, integrative, lifestyle approach. This 100% online course begins a staged launch in early December 2021 and will include optional live coaching.

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