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“We don’t just care about healthcare. We care about you.”

— Dr. Ginger Garner

When it comes to using Yoga, Functional, & Lifestyle Medicine in healthcare, experience matters.

And we have plenty of it.


Medical Therapeutic Yoga is a bestselling text on safe yoga in healthcare, publishing in 5 languages.

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We’ve graduated 18 cohorts in 15 years; taught 100+ cohorts over 20 years, with our online resources reaching nearly half a million students across 6 continents!


Since 2000, our Scholarship Fund has provided over $50,000 in Financial Aid.

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Living Well Institute regularly engages in research and scholarship with multi-national programs.

Living Well Institute was founded by Dr. Ginger Garner. It is woman-owned and operated with a grassroots mission to transform healthcare.


We have the first Comprehensive Integrative PT/OT Certification Program for Functional & Lifestyle Medicine and the oldest Medical Certification for Yoga Therapy worldwide.

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