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Gah! We are so sorry you are struggling, but let me tell you, you are NOT alone. We’ve been teaching wellness and integrative practices for decades, and we’ve built a tribe of hundreds of practitioners and thousands of patients (in upwards of 29K hits per month!) that are using our approaches to transform their self-care, healthcare, and patient care. You may not be looking for CE/CEU’s right now, but we have lots of resources to help you get off the struggle bus for GOOD.

The Medical Therapeutic Yoga

What if you had a different therapeutic yoga practice for every day of the week targeting different areas of your health and wellness? Now you can!

The Medical Therapeutic Yoga Daily Practice Series offers different courses for different days of the week, of course you can do them on any day, but the idea is to be consistent — once a week, follow the practice for the day — and reap the benefits.

The MTY Daily Practice Series

Get FREE Lifetime Access to the Medical Therapeutic Yoga Video Library + 2 Bonuses: First Step: Learn to Breathe, A Visual Ebook Introduction to the Video Library and the preface & first two chapters of the Medical Therapeutic Yoga textbook.


MTY is“Yoga 2.0” – yoga combined with physical therapy and other rehab sciences, making it more effective and safer than yoga alone. It allows you to practice safely and conveniently at home. Includes a helpful PDF guide to help you maximize your success with the program!

MTY Video Library

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