MTY has completely changed the foundation of my practice for the better. This is especially true since a large majority of the clients that come in through my clinic door fall within the medical category of high complexity. I see patients in a small, rural area of NC. On a typical day over half of my evaluations involve complex chronic pain diagnoses with chronic low back pain taking the lead. The rates at which those individuals suffer from chronic use of opioids is always astronomical as well. After seeing this population for about 2 years, it became clear that our standardized approach as physical therapists was not effective in influencing this patient population in a successful way.

MTY provided me with the framework for discussing (Lifestyle Medicine) – the difficult and vague topics of depression, anxiety, stress, nutrition, and sleep quality, which were constantly influencing my patient outcomes. I could better understand when to refer patients and had a finer way of educating them on what encompassed good lifestyle habits. Since implementing MTY, I have noticed a significant shift in my ability to deliver care that is more effective and capable of providing a whole person approach. It has set the stage for much more successful outcomes with my patients across the board. The MTY method is proof that providing care in underserved populations with access to very little resources can still produce positive outcomes.

Dr. Kassandra Prutsman, PT, DPT

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