MTY has become an integral component of my physical therapy practice. I specialize in the treatment of men and women with a variety of pelvic and orthopedic symptoms, including persistent pain, bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction, general weakness and pregnancy-related symptoms. My focus as a physical therapist is to help my clients restore comfortable movement and return to social, family, work and personal activities as much as they are able. I was drawn to the MTY program because of the foundation in evidence, the natural partnership of yoga and physical therapy, and the increasing emphasis on movement and patient empowerment for successful management of chronic pain. MTY provides a comprehensive framework for my assessments and treatment sessions, and most importantly, for me to transition patients into independent management of their symptoms.

MTY has enhanced my ability to connect with patients and provide them with a more holistic approach to their healthcare and wellness. I value the emphasis on the mind-body connection and am grateful for the skills and framework MTY provides to my clinical practice as well as my own self-care.

Dr. Sarah Talley, DPT

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