Podcasts & Interviews

Focus Forward Business Podcast – Dr. Garner shares her current challenges and thoughts around the stages of her entrepreneurial journey.

with Sturdy McKee

Yoga for Women’s Health – Resolving Common Postpartum Issues

Yoga U Online

The Essential Vagus Nerve

Yoga U Online

Claiming Your Power: A Forum Hosted by UN Women

NC Chapter of USNC for UN Women
5th Annual uN Women NC Luncheon

The Gut Microbiome & Personalized Gut Health

Integrative Women’s Health Institute

Ginger Garner: Taking Our Leadership to the Next Level

Center for Partnership Studies

Reconciling the Stress Response with Optimal Health: Why Language Matters and Safety is Sovereign

The Healing Pain Podcast

From Hip Opening to Hip Preservation

Yoga U Online

Your Well-Being Switch: What are the Three Diaphragms and How the Voice Can Reveal Your Health

Yoga U Online

The Future of Wellness Services in Physical Therapy

Integrative Women’s Health Institute

Running for Public Office: How PT’s Can Be Change Agents in Policy

Healthy, Wealthy, Smart Podcast

The Difference Between Yoga and Medical Therapeutic Yoga

The Healing Pain Podcast

Getting to Know Dr. Ginger Garner

Yoga Mate

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