Hi Ginger!

After having some time to digest the (Professional Yoga Therapist) training last week at Emerald Isle I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how grateful I am for you. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how far I’ve come in my own journey and this week offered me a needed opportunity for reflection as well as a bonus revitalization for the work I do and the direction I’m headed.

So much of what you’ve shared in your own experiences through personal, professional, pubic and private matters in life rings true for myself and I have no doubt, for others. The opportunity to learn WITH you, a woman, a PT, an artist, a yoga teacher and student, a community builder and public health supporter to name a few, is a welcome addition to my life!

I’ve traveled and studied with a handful of various practitioners of yoga, PT and ayurveda in an effort to further my own personal growth and understanding. Keeping each of those experiences in mind and close at heart, I’m grateful for the work you’ve put into integrating your experiences and visions into this training and making your work so available to those of us who want to study it as it touches on so many aspects of equal importance in our work and our lives.

This week I’ve been integrating PYT I (mostly) into my self practice, group classes and work with PT clients and can tell that it’s given me a really firm foundation and refreshing approach and way of thinking to move forward from and expand with. It feels like a gift so amen to that!!

I’m looking forward to returning to NC for module 14 in May and to discovering and refining even more of my potential as the person I am.


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