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We believe in advancing our profession through educating folks early and thoroughly in proactive and best-practice wellness. 

  • Synapse is designed for growth-oriented faculty members and university PT and OT programs who want to expand their knowledge and skills in using lifestyle-based and integrative medicine practices to address the most common chronic conditions facing our country today; and who want to help their students do the same. 
  • Synapse is for students with a propensity towards leadership in evolving rehabilitation through extensive training in non-pharmacological and best-care interventions to impact a growing healthcare crisis. 
  • Last but not least Synapse is our community. It will help our patients who deserve to be educated about the contributing factors to their chronic conditions.

If your institution is committed to transforming health-care, we are here for you.

Here are three key benefits of learning, practicing, and embodying lifestyle medicine and the integrative practice of medical therapeutic yoga:

  • Lower Clinician Burnout Risk
  • Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Reduced Socioeconomic Burden for Quality Care

If you are ready to make changes for yourself, your clients and patients, and your profession, this program is for you.

How to Get Started

The process is simple.


Make sure you’re on the list to receive important information.


Faculty members can enroll in the Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certificate or Medical Therapeutic Yoga Certification (a 3 level certification, the first of which is linked here), which is self-paced and over 85% online.


For each faculty member that enrolls in one of the programs above, a student is extended a FULL-RIDE scholarship for the same program.


How can I learn more about the program(s) before committing to them? 

We do offer 2 FREE webinars to teach you more about the program before you can enroll. We also have a multitude of testimonials from graduates and students as well as testimonials from patients. 

Must the student and faculty members complete the course together?

Our courses are a hybrid of self-paced modules with a live zoom day. The only exception os the final MTY Certification level, which is an in-person 6 day retreat intensive (check in is in the evening of day 1 and at lunch on day 6, making the retreat only 4 full days). 

Students and faculty members must register together, however they may choose to be in different cohorts and attend different live dates. 

If the student wants to continue through the program and the faculty member is not, is there a continued scholarship option?

If the student wants to continue through the program but does not have a faculty member to join them, they have an option, as spaces allow, to complete their Certification(s) through our Work Study Program. If no Work Study spots are available, the student can seek a new faculty member or choose a payment plan to complete the program. 

Can more than one student from a program enroll in this program?

Absolutely, if there is more than one sponsoring faculty member, more than one student can enroll. 

Why did we create this scholarship program?

At Living Well Institute we are on a mission to transform healthcare by empowering rehab professionals to effectively address the whole person in order to improve patient outcomes while simultaneously decreasing the socioeconomic burden of healthcare, and reduce risk of clinician burnout.

Our Professional Certification Programs in Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and Medical Therapeutic Yoga are rooted in our values of equipping clinicians with the necessary training to provide high-quality, accessible, sustainable and evidence-based care through both a biomedical and a biopsychosocial lens. We are committed to supporting gender and racial equity, and advancing healthcare through policy creation, community service, and learning opportunities. 

We see the opportunity for physical therapists to improve patient outcomes through addressing lifestyle-factors which are supported by the evidence base to contribute to the most common chronic conditions facing our nation today: heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes and obesity.1,2,3

We teach clinicians the best-practice interventions for each of these conditions, which include patient counseling in appropriate exercise, nutrition, stress management, smoking cessation, and attention to environmental health.2,3

Our passion stems from the fact that the US spends more than twice as much as any other nation on healthcare, and yet consumers receive less care, and have worse outcomes than other countries.4 As physical therapists we are in the unique and fortunate position to offer non-pharmacological, lifelong health education and management tools to our clients.2,3

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