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Being in the know about your mind-body health means being in control of your life. Together we can make a choice to be proactive to prevent premature aging, disease, and pain, rather than reactive. Read why Americans are dying earlier than their peers. 

Many of the resources on this page are FREE.

Mindful Movement & Stress Management

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Medical Therapeutic Yoga Basic Library Free Access

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Dr. Garner partners with Yoga Alliance & Yoga U Online to offer high quality yoga and therapeutic yoga content for yoga teachers, therapists, and enthusiasts.

Yoga for Women’s Health

FREE DOWNLOAD Avoiding Common Post-Pregnancy Health Issues

From Hip Opening to Hip Preservation

FREE DOWNLOAD Why Yoga Can Predispose You to Hip Injuries & How to Avoid Them

BioHacking Your Health Profile


How to Foster Greater Immunity, Strength & Health: Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine

Stimulating the Vagus Nerve

FREE DOWNLOAD Stimulating the Vagus Nerve: The #1 Key to Enhancing Well-Being and Stress Resilience

Your Well-Being Switch

FREE DOWNLOAD Yoga, the Bandhas, and the Three Diaphragms of the Body

Asana Evolution for Hip Injury Care & Prevention


Available at no charge to Yoga Alliance registered teachers

Diet & Nutrition

Disease & Cancer Prevention

  • How to Prevent and Treat Cancer
  • Environmental Working Group – A fantastic independent nonprofit resource for keeping you and your family safe in matters of understanding clean food, water, air, and soil and sourcing clean self-care and household products.
  • NOTE: If buying organic is expensive where you live, then make sure you at least follow the Dirty Dozen List, buy organic milk and yogurt, and avoid GMO’s (Soybean, Maize, Cotton, Canola, Squash, Papaya, Alfalfa, Sugarbeet, and transgenic wheat, as of 2013)

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