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Ginger Garner PT, DPT, ATC/L
Living Well Institute – Founder & CEO

I am a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill trained doctor of physical therapy (DPT), a licensed athletic trainer (LAT, ATC) professional yoga therapist (PYT), and am board certified (DipACLM) in Lifestyle Medicine. I’ve spent 25 years studying and creating “best fit” Yoga, Pilates, & Integrative Lifestyle Medicine practices in healthcare and health promotion.

As a working mother of three, my passion is advocating for all women to have access to safe, effective and affordable healthcare. I am the CEO of Living Well, Inc., founder of Professional Yoga Therapy Institute®, now Living Well Institute, and author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga, slated for 4 foreign translations. The MTY textbook was born from 25 years of practice in combining yoga and physical therapy for patient care.

I own and operate EudeMOMia® Integrative PT & Lifestyle Medicine in Greensboro, NC, where I focus on in-person and telehealth Lifestyle Medicine & health coaching for women, including pelvic pain, hip labral tears and impingement recovery, and safe, effective yoga practice. See the list of conditions I treat here. Book telehealth & in-person appointments & take virtual classes here.

Dr. Ginger Garner is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, National Athletic Trainers Association, International Pelvic Pain Society, and Yoga Alliance. She has served as secretary and board member for the US National Committee for UN Women – NC Chapter, and is currently the Legislative Chair for the American Physical Therapy Association – NC Chapter. She is a former Charter School member of IAYT and founder of the first international yoga therapy school for medical providers.

I’ve been using Yoga & Pilates, combined with physical therapy, since the 1990’s, long before it was cool or trendy. It’s just a far more effective combination. I began to document my methods on this integrated approach, which ultimately gave birth to two things: my textbook, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, and creation of the first yoga certification for licensed healthcare professionals in 2001, the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute,® which in 2020 became Living Well Institute.

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My practice, EudeMOMia serves patients & clients via telehealth and in person at its Greensboro, NC location.

EudeMOMia® (pronounced You-da-mommy-ah!) is a play on words derived from the Greek word, eudaimonia, which means finding a place beyond happiness, which is my goal for the women I serve. I also offer business coaching for fellow PT’s, OT’s, and AT’s who are launching or want to properly scale their business in Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine. Book online

My Professional Journey: How I Came to Physical Therapy via Yoga

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